the next project

I am coming to the last book of the C.S. Lewis project (10 Lewis books in 2010). I feel like I got to know the man, the books, and the ideas much better by looking at them all in a year. It has been a great year of examination of Lewis and his writing. I learned a lot.   

It has been so good. I want to do it again.

I want to announce the next author soon, because I want people to read along with me and no merely do this alone.

I have been debating which author to approach next year. Some of the people I have been considering for 2011:

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (The Cost of Discipleship, Life Together, Christ the Center, Letter and Papers from Prison, Creation/Fall, Temptation, Ethics)  

 Francis Schaeffer (The God Who is There, Escape From Reason, He is there and He is Not Silent, True Spirituality, Death in the City, The Church at the End of the 20th Century, The Great Evangelical Disaster, How Should We Then Live, A Christian Manifesto)

 Dallas Willard (Spirit of the Disciplines, The Divine Conspiracy, Renovation of the Heart, The Great Omission, Knowing Christ Today)

 Augustine (Confessions, The City of God)

 Ravi Zacharias (Can Man Live Without God, Deliver Us From Evil, Cries of The Heart, Jesus Among Other gods, Has Christianity Failed You)

 Who do you think is the best choice for the next year of study? Any of these interest to you?


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