Music Review: A Beautiful Exchange Hillsong

Music Review: A Beautiful Exchange by Hillsong   *** out of ****

Hillsong does not lack output. They seem to be releasing new music every few months. And lately that has not been a good thing. Despite a few excellent songs, recent Hillsong records have been somewhat average. Faith+Hope+Love, This is Our God, and Savior King all seemed stagnant. Even Hillsong United’s Across The Earth lacked the excellence United is usually known for. All of the records began to sound the same.

Hillsong recently returned with a new record entitled A Beautiful Exchange. It is the best record they have released in a couple of years – the best since United’s All of The Above (which is the best Hillsong record hands down).  

The record opens with another stadium anthem God is Love. The heart of the record is found in the middle and flows through the rest of the record. By far the best song on the record is Like Incense/Sometimes by Step. The lyrics are much better than the typical praise song and portray a depth not often found in modern worship. Brooke Fraser, the artist who has sung on Hillsong’s best songs for several years now, sings, “Your statutes are my heritage forever/my heart is set on keeping your decrees/please still my anxious urge toward rebellion/let love keep my will upon its knees.” And again, “Because you gladly lean to lead the humble/I shall gladly kneel to leave my pride.”

These songs do not shy away from reality while seeking to praise God. In The Father’s Heart, “When the suffering’s all that I see, may I walk with you by faith and not by sight.” They demand the surrender of the will to the character and work of God. They look at the trouble of the world, claim the answer is in Christ, and point us back to God.

That is not to say the record is not without the occasional misstep, like every other Hillsong record. And there is a little bit of musical repetition that is beginning to undermine all recent Hillsong recordings. But that is something they need to address in the future – for now, enjoy a strong modern worship record.

Songs to Download now: Like Incense/Sometimes by Step, The Father’s Heart

Songs to Consider: Our God is Love, Love Like Fire


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