Who are You?

In all of my discussions with people about faith there seems to be one question people do not want to wrestle with. They do not want to wrestle with the question, “Who is Jesus?” I do not mean that they do not want to categorize Him or say certain things about Him or even talk about how He did what He did. I mean they do not want to wrestle with, “Who are You?” in a way that gains understanding.

Most people enjoy a good discussion on ideas, but they begin to get uncomfortable with addressing the “Who are You?” concerning Jesus. Even Christians have boxed up Jesus into a series of ideas about who He is and who He is not. The misconceptions and distortions of Jesus are plentiful even among Christians.  

All of our blind thinking about ideas and all of our speculating has to end. We would like to believe that we can think our way through any problem. We would like to believe we are capable of solving our own problems through the power of our minds. But we can’t.

How do we know we can’t solve the problems of our world and our hearts on ideas and thoughts alone? God did not intervene in this world as an idea. God stepped into history as a person. The Word became flesh. The answer is a person.

In Christ the Center, Bonhoeffer says that in light of this the only question for us is this, “Who are You?” Who is this Jesus? This is the only question that matters because it is the question that will direct our life. The answer to this question guides the Christian and the Non-Christian. It is the great divide. How we answer, “Who are You?” will decide if we ultimately trust in ideas or in a person.

Bonhoeffer says that the Logos of Christ spells the end of human logos. All of our systems of thinking, all of our ideas, all of our thoughts are child’s play compared to the reality of Christ as a person in real history. We do not have ideas as the foundation for faith. We have a person.

When was the last time you turned to Christ and asked, “Who are You?” not based on your preconceived ideas, but with a thirst to understand who He is?


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