2 Hours

Let me start by saying that I’ve been given a lot of bad advice over the years. I’ve been told many things about ministry that I have found not only misguided, but downright dangerous. I’ve been thinking about some really bad advice I received recently.

I sat down with someone from the North American Mission Board and we discussed ministry. This man told me that I was making a terrible mistake. I was spending far too many hours preparing my messages for teaching the congregation. He said I only needed two hours of preparation per week. He said they were just young Christians and they did not need depth.

Two hours.

I’ve thought a lot about two hours.

Would I trust a teacher who studied their subject for two hours?

Would I trust a doctor who studied my symptoms for two hours?

Would I trust a lawyer who spent two hours studying the law of my case?

Would I trust a politician who spent two hours considering an important bill?

We have to be willing to ask the hard questions, diligent enough to seek the hard answers, and courageous enough to live out real solutions. Shallow solutions and surface answers are not enough. A little bit of Christianity will eventually become no Christianity at all.  

A passive attitude toward knowledge has led us to a lowest common denominator kind of Christianity. The result of this shift toward simplicity is that Christians have minimized serious thinking and settled for a shallow understanding of God, our world, and ourselves.

Two hours is not enough. Not for people looking for real answers.  

I truly believe that we continue to lose people because they think there is nothing to the faith. They try a shallow version of it, think that version is the real thing, and then reject it. They see all of our teaching as two hours of shallow insight.

And apparently, that is all some people think it should be.


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