Aftermath Hillsong United

Aftermath Hillsong United   **1/2 out of ****

First, let me say that the musicianship of the record is probably better than it has been in past United records. Let me also say that the production pushes the familiar Hillsong sound into new places. Both of those things are much needed and make the record as fresh as anything they have produced in years.

Yet, all that said, something is missing from the record. Even if you take away the fact that most of the songs are not made for the local church worship (and, let’s be honest, many of us search Hillsong records for new worship songs), the songs still feel inaccessible. They aren’t as compelling as previous Hillsong United offerings.

As a band’s musical skills increase, they still have to make the music accessible. If they don’t the songs will lose something. And that seems to be what has happened here. The band really could have used a song or two from Brooke Fraser (who does not appear on this record, but has appeared on some of the best songs for both United and Hillsong, in the last several years).


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