Knowing God in creation

Creation changes everything. The fact that God created reveals so much about who He is. In the first four chapters of Creation and Fall/Temptation, Bonhoeffer works through the character of God as he discusses God’s interaction with the world through His creation.  

1. We can know comfort in God who created and redeemed in Christ. We are anxious because we only know the beginning and end as shadows. Yes, we know facts about the beginning and we have glimpses of the end, but we only experience the middle. Yet, we find comfort in God’s creative work.

2. Because of God’s creation of all things “the creation belongs to Him entirely.” This is an often overlooked reality when it comes to God’s right to do as He pleases. If God created, God has a right to do as He pleases with all of creation. It is His and He knows what He is doing with it.  

3. God creates and preserves the world. “Creation and preservation are two aspects of the one activity of God…God’s seeing protects the world from falling back into the void, protects it from total destruction…because of the way God sees His work and embraces it and does not forsake it, we live.” God did not start it all and then leave it. He is still at work today.

This does not mean that the world is not fallen. It is a fallen world and the whole world groans under the judgment sin was brought. But God is still at work in His creation.  

If we remove God as creator, we eliminate much of who He is. When we embrace God as creator, we are faced with new light on His character and nature.


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