Creation of Man (Creation/Temptation and Fall 1-5, Part II)

Science and faith have a history of wrestling with each other. The scientist says the person of faith does not understand and the person of faith says the scientist does not understand. As I look at these chapters of Creation and Fall by Bonhoeffer, I see that tension between faith and science rise again.

First, there is a common ground between science and faith. Both disciplines claim that man rose up out of the earth. Science says man came from the earth from an unknown “origin.” The Bible says man rose up from the ground and was infused with life from the shaping of God.

While both agree that man came from the ground, how he came to be is a very different story. Science says it was all natural. Something, somehow accidently brought all the pieces of life together and miraculously formed life. The Bible says God intentionally took the dust of the earth and formed humanity. Bonhoeffer says that God’s formation of man shows his nearness to us and His authority over us.


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