Here there are no answers

Las Vegas is a place where people go to kill themselves. Not figuratively speaking, but literally. For years, Las Vegas has averaged more than a suicide a month from its visitors. In fact, each year Las Vegas ranks among the highest suicide rate for visitors and residents. The Las Vegas Review Journal said officials do not have an answer. Perhaps the best answer came from a suicide note found in a Vegas hotel room: “Here there are no answers.”

I’m guessing that note will never make it on a commercial advertising Las Vegas as the pleasure capital of the world. They will not tell you that if you live in Vegas you are much more likely to commit suicide than if you live in other comparable cities. They will never tell you that if you live in Las Vegas and you leave for a while (even a simple vacation) you are significantly less likely to commit suicide. They will never tell you that an all-encompassing pursuit of pleasure is like drinking salt water. Pleasure as the ultimate pursuit in life is a bankrupt idea.

Joy Davidman once said, “Living for his own pleasure is the least pleasurable thing a man can do; if his neighbors don’t kill him in disgust, he will die slowly of boredom and lovelessness.”

If I had the time and talent for such things, I would to reedit those Las Vegas ads that end with “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” I would leave each commercial the same except at the end, which would read: “Here there are no answers.”


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