The story of the world in 3 questions (a Good Friday Meditation)

In the final hours before the crucifixion, Jesus is lead in to Pilate. The Jews have called on Pilate to do their dirty work. They want Jesus crucified. As Pilate tries to figure out what to do with Jesus, he asks several questions. These questions summarize the heart of humanity throughout the ages. In these few questions are the fear, curiosity, and cynicism of the world.   

In John 18:29, Pilate asks: What charge do you bring against this man? In other words, ‘Is there anything we can hold against Him?’ This is strange since Roman soldiers had arrested Jesus in the Garden. Obviously, the Jews had already communicated Christ’s “crime.” Yet, Pilate is not satisfied. And down through the ages, people have asked that same thing. Is He really so good or is there a flaw? And many do what Pilate tried to do. Pilate tried to send Christ away to be judged by the Jews. Many try to ignore the matter. They want Him to be a good teacher, but not a sinless Son of God.    

In John 18:33,37, Pilate asks: Are you a king? Pilate is seeking to find some kind of charge. Perhaps Jesus will claim He is a King and Pilate can charge him with insurrection. People are still asking about the kingship of Christ. Is He really in charge? They want to limit Christ’s power. They don’t understand that Christ’s kingship is complete. They think, like Pilate, that they are in charge. In fact, Pilate says to Jesus, “Am I a Jew?” In other words, Pilate thinks he is above these religious matters.  

In John 18:38, Pilate asks: What is truth? Pilate seems to dismiss the whole conversation with this remark. He is not interested in getting into a conversation about truth. Pilate was only interested in what was helpful, not in what was true. Through the ages, people have asked this question in a variety of ways. Some ask it from cynicism, as if truth cannot be found. Some ask it from desperation. Some ask it dismissively.      

Though he asked all of the right questions, he never stopped to understand the answers. We need to ask important questions, not for due process, but for real answers. Stop for a moment and ask:
What has Christ done?
Is He King?
What is truth?


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