what we can learn from the hunt for Bin Laden

Last Sunday, the Navy SEALS ended a ten-year manhunt when they entered a compound in Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden. As news reveals how the United States tracked Bin Laden, we are learning an amazing story of patient persistence.
After 9-11, a detainee gave United States intelligence a nickname of Bin Laden’s most trusted courier. Years later, they traced that nickname to the man’s real name. In 2009, they identified the areas in Pakistan where this courier was living and working. And in August 2010, they tracked him to the compound in Pakistan. Further intelligence revealed Bin Laden was living at the compound. And on May 1st, President Obama ordered the SEALS to go in.
Officials called the effort to catch Bin Laden a mosaic of small pieces of intelligence that created a picture of Bin Laden’s whereabouts. People worked together to form the picture from the pieces of the puzzle.
Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is no easy task. In the months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it became obvious that the information warning the United States about the attack was available. It was also evident that there was no one who could take all of the information and put it together. According to the Associated Press shortly after 9/11, the CIA reads an average of 1,500 security related messages a day. Among the information was a variety of chatter concerning a major attack and pilot training. The pieces of the puzzle were out there, but no one could put them together.
The recent success, and past failure, of the intelligence world teaches us something about how we process information. How we piece together information makes a big difference in the success and failure of our lives. If we do not receive new information and insight and add it to information we already possess, we cannot see the big picture.

The Bible makes the case that Jesus Christ is the answer to connecting all of life. Colossians 1:16 says, “By Him [Christ] all things were created.” The words ‘by Him’ literally tell us that the personality of Christ, His creative will, and His creative act brought all things into existence. The visible and the invisible are subject to His rule because there is not a thing in existence – seen or unseen – that was not created by Him and for Him. The world, in its totality, has a single point of reference. That has significant implications for all of life. It answers the question of meaning by telling us that we were created for Christ. It answers the question of purpose for life as we recognize we were created to follow Christ. That Christ created all things for Himself brings us back to the fact that He stands at the center of existence and we revolve around Him.


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