Why does God allow temptation?

Why does God allow temptation?
Creation and Fall/Temptation (Chapter 3-4)

Though temptation does not come from God, Bonhoeffer says that we have to wonder why God does not take care of temptation. Why not just take care of the things which would destroy us?
Bonhoeffer says that God allows temptation for three reasons.
1. Our heart is revealed in temptation.
Bonhoeffer says, “The place in which all temptation originates is my evil desires. My own longing for pleasure, and my fear of suffering, entice me to let go the Word of God.” Then he adds, “Man knows his sin, which without temptation he could never have known; for in temptation man knows on what he has set his heart.”
2. Satan has the kind of power that requires us rely solely on God’s grace.
Bonhoeffer says Satan drive the tempted “like Job, into the abyss, into the darkness, in which the tempted one is only sustained by the grace of God which he does not perceive and feel, but which nevertheless holds him fast.”
3. Satan is defeated.
Though Satan seemed to gain control of the world through temptation, it was also finally and ultimately taken away from him when Christ defeated all the temptations Satan through at Him. Now, in Christ’s strength we can stand victorious.


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