what if you built a city and no one came? (how Ordos, China might be like church)

The new city of Ordos, China (built 15 miles south of the old city of Ordos) has it all. A beautiful city center, a museum, a library, shopping district, a large mall, and plenty of apartments and houses. The Chinese government spent one billion dollars on 12 square miles of new city that was supposed to become an urban paradise.
One problem: almost no one lives in the new Ordos. New Ordos, China, a city built for 1 million people is a city of thousands. It is a ghost town that has been called a “monument to excess and misplaced optimism.”
Sometimes I’m concerned the church is like the new section of Ordos. We build our structures and plan our plans. We devise all kinds of events to create something we think people will want to attend. We think a church is its buildings and music and entertainment and youth program and children’s program and…
The structure does not create community. It draws a crowd, but it does not make a Christian community. If the best thing we can offer is the latest children’s ministry fad or the new and improved way to form the worship team, it is only a matter of time until our churches will be like Ordos.
All structures and no people.


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