Who are you? (The Cost of Discipleship 7)

Who are you? This is the question that confronts us all. For the Christian, we are given a definitive answer. Jesus tells His followers, ‘You are salt’ and ‘you are light.’
Bonhoeffer points out that Christ did not say, ‘You must be salt’ and ‘you must be light.’ We do not get to decide if we will be salt and light. Because we belong to Christ, we are salt and light. We don’t have to try really hard to be salt and light. We can fail by contaminating or hiding our true nature. But when we do this it is a perversion of who we are.
Christ did not say, ‘You have the salt’ or ‘you have the light.’ We are not different because we have something different; we are different because we are something different. If we only have something, it would indicate that we use it from time to time and then put it away. Christ says so much more than that. He says that our whole existence is salt and light. Everywhere we go and everything we do changes the world because we are different.


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