Safe from what?

Where is it safe? This is one question that keeps coming up with each new disaster. Katrina and Rita revealed the vulnerability of the coast. Earthquakes and tsunamis have revealed the vulnerability of any city near a fault line. Floods along the Mississippi reveal the dangers of living near rivers. Mississippi, Alabama, and Joplin, Missouri show us the heartache of living in areas prone to tornadoes.
In the article “Disasters lead to search for Safest City, USA” (, reporter Miguel Llanos quotes a person from the insurance industry, who says, “Safe is a relative term. What do you want to be safe from?”
The point is that there is no such thing as ‘completely safe.’
As I thought about the idea of safety in spiritual terms, I could not help but think that many Christians are looking for safety. They want a safe church, a safe group of people to be around, a safe salvation, and a safe God.
But, what if, instead of seeking to be safe, we sought to be dangerous? Instead reacting to our world by withdrawing from it, we were active in making a difference in it? What if we did dangerous things in order to change the world?
After all, didn’t Jesus say we are salt and light? Doesn’t the light have to go out into the darkness? Didn’t the salt have to get rubbed into the meat to prevent it from spoiling? Instead of praying that God would keep us safe, what if we prayed for God to make us dangerous? Dangerous in a way that impacts the world for God’s sake.
In the end, you can do everything you can do to be spiritually “safe.” But let me ask the same question the person from the insurance company asked, “What do you want to be safe from?”


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