Ode to a mascot (even though you have probably never heard of him)

You have probably never heard of Dandy, the New York Yankees mascot from 1979-1981. You would not be alone. When owner George Steinbrenner was asked to recall Dandy’s time with the team he said he had no recollection of the mascot.
And no wonder. If you have never seen a picture of Dandy, Google it now. No, don’t wait, Google it now and then come back.
Okay, if you did not Google it, I’ll attempt to describe him. He looked like a cross between a muppet, a hobo, and an inverted light bulb with stripes. (Although, I might be doing a disservice to hobos and light bulbs.) No, I’m not kidding. And he is seven feet tall.
Days before Dandy’s début, a Yankee outfielder got in a fight with the famous San Diego Chicken mascot. This led George Steinbrenner to say that mascots had no place in baseball. Dandy was banished to the upper decks of Yankee Stadium. Some say he was beaten up and the person playing him quit. One thing is certain, New York fans showed no love to their temporary mascot.
There are times an idea sounds good. Even once it is thought through, it is deemed acceptable. But the execution fails to fulfill the promise of the vision. It seems to me that Dandy is one of those ideas.
To the Yankees’ credit, they realized Dandy wasn’t going to work and got rid of him. When our plans do not work out, sometimes we need to push ahead with greater determination and sometimes we need to move on without them.
The trick is knowing which plans to hold on to and which to let go of.


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