It is not THAT you want, but WHAT you want (The Cost of Discipleship 17)

One of the things that has always bothered me about Christian practice is that people place unreal demands on desires other Christians have. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard Christians say:
You should not even want to be rich.
You should not even want glory and praise.
You should not even want to be great.
These well meaning Christians make it sound like the desires themselves are illegitimate desires.
I am so glad that Jesus never took that route. He tells His followers that they should chase after treasure. Not earthly treasure, but heavenly treasure. Bonhoeffer points this out when he says, “Jesus knows that the heart of man hankers after a treasure, and so it is His will that he should have one.” Then Bonhoeffer adds this important note, “It is to be observed that Jesus does not deprive the human heart of its instinctive needs – treasure, glory and praise. But He gives it higher objects – the glory of God, the glorying in the cross, and the treasure of heaven.”
God does not demand we eliminate our desires. He does require us to redirect them. And that is an important distinction.


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