on evil

I think the modern world would like us to believe there is no such thing as evil. They would have us believe that everyone is a victim of their background, or economic hardships, or biological problems, or societal issues. The modern world has, for the most part, abandoned the concept of evil. Sure evil made a temporary comeback during the terrorists attacks of 2001. But, people started talking about why the terrorists were doing what they were doing.
And evil disappeared again.
Recently, the story of Christian Choate has gained national attention. Christian was a 13 year-old boy who died from abuse. And his abuse was so vile and so disgusting that you can’t help but ask, ‘How can a human being do that to another human being?’ He was slowly destroyed physically and psychologically by his father and stepmother. The reports of his abuse are so brutal my heart hurts when I read them. In the end, he was forced to live in a dog cage. His body was so broken he could not process it correctly. And ultimately, he was beaten to death and buried in the backyard.
At one point, his stepmother gave him a pencil and paper and told him to write how he felt. One of the things he wrote has why no one would come and check on him. He wished he could die because no one liked him and he couldn’t understand why.
The parents have pled not guilty. And in all the reports of their horrible deeds I have yet to hear the word evil. But, if they are guilty, that is what they are.
Not misguided.
Not mean.
Not victims of their own past or victims of anything else.

And the worst thing of all is that this evil is not limited to a few select people. It takes different shapes and forms, but it is real and it is contagious.
All the psychologists, sociologists, and scientists cannot rid the world of it. It is so radically destructive that even God had to die a terrible death and rise again to do away with it. And one day all the horrors of sin and death will be set right.
The longer I live, the more I anticipate that day.


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