Why America Hates its Children

I have a book that I’ll never write. The title of the book I’ll never write is “Why America Hates Its Children.” I’ve actually done some research and I have an outline but time, energy, and more pressing projects prevent the book from ever happening.
But, the way we treat children in our country makes me so mad that sometimes I just have to say something.
Recently, Georgia’s governor revealed wide spread cheating in the Atlanta area. Turns out student scores rose to award-winning levels because of dishonest gains.
But here is the twist. The students didn’t cheat; the teachers and principals did. 178 teachers and principals are connected to cheating on standardized tests. In 44 different schools, teachers erased wrong answers and filled in correct answers.
The Atlanta area is not alone. USA Today reported that six states and Washington DC also showed patterns of scoring irregularities (DC is facing a potential problem in about 100 schools). Pennsylvania is investigating between 60-90 schools for cheating.
The real tragedy of the whole thing is not that they were cheating a broken system. It is not even that they were willing to sell their integrity. The greatest tragedy is that they were willing to cripple the future of the children they taught by inflating their scores.
Educators are no longer willing to deal with the realities of academic deficiencies in their children. Why? Because it might interfere with their own rise up the educational ladder. In fact, the school district in Atlanta tried to stop the cheating investigation. They were more interested in themselves than they were in the lives of the children they taught. And the teachers in the classroom feared for their career so they went along with the cheating in order to save their jobs.
One reason America hates its children – it will not educate them the way it needs to. And, when opportunities come to fix the broken system, they resist and promote the status quo.


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