Too many things that just aren’t so

Perhaps you stumbled across an article last week on CNN or NPR that said a recent survey found the users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer were less intelligent than those who used other web browsers. The report said 100,000 internet users were surveyed by a Vancouver based web consulting firm called Aptiquant. It found those who used Internet Explorer scored lower in IQ tests.
Just one problem.
It was all untrue. No survey had been done. No consulting firm existed. The web site was a sham. The survey a hoax. What was reported as news was just another in a long series of false reports.
And that is a bigger problem. More and more, the line between what is actual and what is unreal is being blurred.
In light of yet another story that just was not true, I couldn’t help but think of the words of USC philosophy professor Dallas Willard: “We know too many things that just aren’t true.”
When it comes to surveys of internet users, I guess such false knowledge is not such a big deal. But when it comes to living life based on a foundation of what is true – Truth makes all the difference.
In a world that is willing to accept the untrue and then live on that false information, we need to recommit ourselves to Truth.


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