Does faith have anything to do with real life? (Ethics 5)

My first year of college I lived in a dorm. While sitting with some people from the hall of my dorm, one of the guys said something inappropriate. So, I let him know I didn’t appreciate his comment.
“I wish you Christians would stop pushing your morality on everyone,” he responded.
“And I wish you would quit pushing your immorality on me,” I answered.
I couldn’t help but notice the surprise on his face. He had never even considered that he should keep his lack of morals to himself. He thought I should keep my views private while he was free to flaunt his.
This is the line of reasoning that many people (both believers and nonbelievers) accept today. Faith is a private thing that should not be allowed in public. This sets up a kind of dualism. There is the private life of faith and the public life of the world.
Bonhoeffer says that in order for us to live for Christ was have to break down the wall between these two spheres until we recognize all in Christ. He says, “There are not two realities, but only one reality, and that is the reality of God which has become manifest in Christ in the reality of the world.”
Our faith is not meant to be a private thing divorced from the real world. Bonhoeffer says that the reality of God is over everything. God ordered the world in Himself. So our real lives – work, family, government, and the church all fall under His order interacting with this world.
Our faith is not meant to be private because Christ is over all and involved in everything. To create two spheres in which I am forced to keep my faith to myself and not allow it to impact my real life is a spiritual divorce God never intended.


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