Welcome to the Augustine Project

Augustine was famous for saying, “Give me chastity…but not yet.” His womanizing prevented him from following for some time. He struggled until finally he read from Romans 13 and everything fell into place. He converted to Christianity, putting aside the ambition and lust for women that had ruled his life.
Well, it is a new year and that means a new project. 2010 was the year of C.S. Lewis. 2011 the year of Bonhoeffer. 2012 is the year of Augustine. That is right, this year we are going way back to one of the most influential voices of early Christianity. In fact, most contemporary theologians are simply building off of Augustine. He is the voice that has shaped much of the theological conversation. The Bible is the document that has shaped Christianity, but the writings of Augustine shaped the theological reflections Christianity has taken from the Bible.
I will only tackle two books this year – Confessions and City of God.
Would love to have you read along.


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