Where was God when… (City of God)

It is 410 AD. Rome has been sacked by the Goths. What was called the ‘Eternal City’ and ‘The City that took the world’ was overtaken. The sacking of Rome sent a shock through the entire world. It ended an empire and even laid the foundation for a colossal shift in history from the Classical Age to the Middle Ages.
When Rome fell, it rattled both the Christian and Unchristian world. People were asking real questions about their beliefs. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Where was God?
Augustine took up the task of answering these questions and wrote one of the more penetrating looks at history and psychology in City of God. This was no quick response to a tragedy. Augustine started the book in 412 and did not finish it until 426.
In our day, when shallow analysis and quick, simple answers dominate, it is good for us to remember that some answers take a long time to consider. A million dollar question deserves a million dollar answer. A question that runs deep and comes from real heartache deserves a deep answer.


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