How will it End?

How will it all end? People have kicked around this question ever since apocalyptic literature starting becoming popular after the Babylonian Exile (several hundred years before Christ). The fact is, we can’t get enough of the end of the world. Last year it was Harold Camping claiming the world would end. This year it’s the Mayan calendar.
But here is the bottom line. It will end. And for you and me, it will most probably end in a very routine way.
The other day, I was driving some of the back roads of South Texas, a man on a small gray four door failed to take a turn and left the road. At seventy miles an hour, he drove down an embankment, grazed a wooden utility pole, and finally came to a stop.
I pulled over and got out to make sure the man was not injured. He said he had fallen asleep. He had two little cuts on his arm and was shaken up. He actually thought he might be able to drive the car out of the field, but I showed him the passenger’s side, which contained a large chunk of utility pole embedded in the twisted metal.
The man was probably a foot or two away from being killed. But all he could think about we the fact that the vehicle was a work car and that perhaps he could get it back on the road. I spent most of the time with him trying to convince him to call a wrecker.
While we speculate about The End, we pay so little attention to our own end. We spend so little time living life in light of the fact that one day the car will not avoid the pole, or that our eating habits will catch up to us, or that old age will take us to the grave.
I think we simply do not think enough about the Kingdom of God. We should because we are going to spend much more time there than we ever will here. We ought to work to align our lives with the place we will one day call home.


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