Louie Giglio and hostility toward Christian belief

If you did not hear, Atlanta Pastor Louie Giglio was set to pray at the Presidential Inauguration. Then he wasn’t. A message he preached years ago surfaced and there was an outcry over his message because he called homosexuality a sin. So, now he will not be praying for the president at the inauguration.
As I listened to the way the world has portrayed us since the news broke, there is one thing that is clear in all of this: The world sees us as backward, hateful, snake-handling, money-stealing, anti-intellectuals who need to be marginalized because our form of brainwashing is dangerous. There is a growing chorus of voices saying we do not belong in this world as long as we say there is a right and a wrong and the Bible sets the standard.
As the entire world shifts from rural communities to large cities, we face greater pressure to conform to the world and its pattern. The world does not want us to say there is one way, a real right and wrong, and that what you believe and how you live has eternal consequences.
We face greater pressure to be able to articulate the gospel to people who find us strange, backward, or dangerous. The early church faced these same concerns and that pressure produced men like Justin Martyr and Augustine. May the pressures of our world produce the kind of thinkers and speakers that can share our message to a world that growing hostile to what we believe.


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