The Gay Marriage Debate

I heard a radio host today mention that people who support “gay marriage” tend to be better educated than those who support “traditional marriage.” He said those who accept “gay marriage” and embrace diversity do so because they have a better understanding of things. And the people who only support “traditional marriage” well, they are religious (and don’t get out much).
I hate to say this but as I look at the way the debate has played out, I don’t see many well-crafted and articulate arguments coming out of the “traditional marriage” or the “gay marriage” side. I hear religious people saying: “The Bible says.” Let me be clear, I agree with the Bible. But, it is really difficult to stand in front of a world that does not know, respect, or even consider the Bible and say, ‘The Bible says so.’
Is there not a better argument than that? Can we not reason it out and articulate our position any better than that? And when we discuss what we are for, how come it always sounds like we are really talking about what we are against?
On the side of “gay marriage” I read people who say, “Everyone should be able to love whoever they want.” As a matter of fact, I’ll quote something I read today, “I believe everyone has the right to be happy, to live a fulfilling life, and to love who they want to love.” I have to think that if this person really thought about it, they surely cannot mean what they said. Surely they do not mean a person can love whoever they want to love as long as they are happy. What if an adult wanted to love a child? Surely that is not ok, is it?
Here is my point. We are not talking intelligently about this (and many other) issues. We are talking past each other not to each other.
One side says: “The Bible says so.”
And the other says: “I say so.”
And neither side is really willing to listen to the other. And, even if they were willing to listen, would there be anything worth listening to?
As the world drifts further away from any kind of Christian anchor, Christians need to focus on intelligently explaining what we are for and why we are for it. The world is going to become more and more worldly and we shouldn’t be surprised. As it does, we have to think more about how we will respond. So, that when the world asks us why we believe as we do, we are ready to give a reasonable loving response to a world that no longer understands why we hold the positions that we hold. Christians, we need to ask ourselves a serious question: Do we want to talk about the issue or do we just want to throw out slogans and shallow positions?


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  1. Monica says:

    Pastor Wes I am not understanding the behavior of many of our Christian brethern. I understand that God does not condone homosexuality but who are we to judge them and treat them like outsiders? We exempt them from Christ’s love? I feel sad when I hear Christian friends of mine say some pretty horrible things about homosexuals , non-Christians, and yes even poor people. Maybe I am being idealistic but what if someone thought when they met me that I was not worthy of GOD’s forgiveness and love? None of us really know what transpires between GOD and a dying person only HE can forgive and so only HE can judge. I miss your bible studies and discuss the issues. How would you respond? Do you feel homosexuals are inexplicably doomed and should be barred from learning about God’s forgiveness and HIS love? How do you respond to other Christians who I guess I would have to say hate homosexuals? Am I wrong in my way of thinking?

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