Royal Baby Watch

It probably will not surprise you that I do not follow the royal couple and all of their family. I found it kind of silly that media made such a big deal of labor and then the announcement of the birth of William and Kate’s son (third in line for the throne). All that silliness just clogged up my Twitter feed, news reading, and Facebook.

But it is not because I hate talk of a king and a kingdom. In fact, I am reminded today that I am waiting for a King. In the same way the people in the media are hanging on every word of the new arrival, I am waiting with great anticipation for the return of The King.
The longer I live the greater my anticipation. Because I am waiting for Him to come and make all things right. I am waiting for Him to set straight what is crooked, to make right the things that are wrong, and to finish what He started.
The more I understand that a real King will usher in a new kingdom that will reorder all things, the more excited I am.
I have friends who try to find justice in this world and cannot seem to make it happen. They become more and more frustrated with the injustices of this world with each passing year. I have friends who try to party this life away and their lives seem more empty with each passing year. I have friends who try to make meaning in their lives through relationships, jobs, and materialistic pursuits. And when all of those things fail to satisfy, they just start the same cycle over again.

I am waiting for a King. A King who will rule in a way that ends injustice. A King who will introduce the biggest party in the history of the world. A King who will provide the satisfying life we can imagine.
So, maybe all those royal watchers aren’t so silly after all. Maybe, they are just looking for the wrong King…


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