4 Traps on The Road to a Transformed Mind (Renovation of The Heart Chapter 6)

Toward the end of chapter 6, Dallas Willard identifies 4 special dangers in our thought life. As we seek a transformed mind, we have to be careful we do not fall into these four traps:
1. Pride.
We cannot become too overconfident in our own thinking. We can easily end up thinking we have the one true way of looking at things. We can end up thinking we know more, see things more clearly, and are better evaluators of all things.
We must always approach our thinking with humility. I have to admit that it drives me crazy when I hear people say, ‘I don’t read books about the Bible, I just read the Bible.’ Each time I want to say, ‘So, God only speaks to you? You are the only person who can come to the truth of the Scriptures?’ It is arrogance to close the door to what other people have to say.
2. Ignorance.
We must be careful that we do not ignore certain facts. We need to listen to others, especially when they disagree with what we are saying. We need to examine issues and decisions from all different angles. There is a chance that we might be missing something in the way we are thinking.
Too many Christians feel like they know enough. They are not willing to see things from a new perspective. They are willing to continue to grow in their understanding. They are all too content with wading into the shallow end of knowledge. Transformation requires us to go deeper.
3. Desires guiding our thinking.
We must be aware of what we want. Why? Because what we want influences our point of view. It is all too easy to want first and then make our thoughts fit with what we want. Our desires and thoughts must work together, each aware of the other.
4. Images without filter.
Far too often, Christians allow images to overwhelm their minds. They have images of financial success, power, sexuality, or even darkness and the macabre. The reality is we are all driven by certain pictures that we place before us about how things are and how they should be. These pictures have the ability to draw us closer to God or to turn us away from Him.


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