Is there a government shutdown in you?

To hear politicians tell it, the government shutdown is not that important. And before you think I am taking one side or the other, let me just say both parties have behaved ridiculously. But politicians will be politicians. Their pompous-windbag speeches and silly spin doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that they are increasingly out of touch with real people. I am stunned when I hear politicians say that the shutdown has not hurt the country and everything is going on business as usual. Because it is not. Real people are working with no pay. I had a friend tell me he was given an IOU instead of a portion of his paycheck. What exactly is he supposed to do with an IOU? What bill is that going to pay?
But, I’m not writing to complain about an inept government that is losing touch with real life and real people. As sad as politics is, you can find plenty of people writing about concerns over the political climate of the country.
My concern is with the Christian climate in the country. This whole government shutdown got me thinking about being in touch with real life and real people. And, unfortunately, I think a lot of Christians are not in touch with real life and real people. It is almost like real life and real people scare them.
So, they hide out. They surround themselves with Christian stuff: Christian friends, Christian movies, Christian books, Christian music, Christian school, Christian science, Christian history, Christian politics, Christian trinkets, Christian t-shirts, Christian milk from Christian cows…
And when they do this they think that they are avoiding becoming “like the world.” But I think all they are doing is avoiding the world. And when they avoid the world, they quickly lose touch with real people, who have real problems, and really need a real Christian to help them in their real lives.
Jesus said, “You are the light of the world…Let your light shine in such a way they may see your good works and glorify God who is in Heaven.” But sometimes I think we are giving people IOU’s instead of light. People need for real light to real dark and we are hiding out in the unreal world pretending everything is fine.
So, while we look to Washington and shake our heads, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to look at our own reality and ask: Where have I shutdown? Where am I failing to deliver the light people need?


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