Is there more to Christianity than praying a prayer? (Renovation of the Heart chapter 12)

What should we expect from someone who is walking in obedience to Christ? How will we know when we are seeing real progress and not just fooling ourselves into believing some change has occurred? In chapter 12 of Renovation of the Heart Dallas Willard addresses how a transformed person will change as they grow in obedience to Christ.

Thought Life: A Christian thinks about God. They are preoccupied with God and the goodness of His system.

Feelings: A Christian is centered in love. They love others and love God. Out of love comes thanks and hope.

Will: A Christian is devoted to doing what is good and right.

Body: A Christian naturally moves toward what is right and away from what is wrong.

Social Relations: A Christian does not “conceal their thoughts and feelings (nor do they impose them upon everyone).
Because their confidence is in God, they do not try to manipulate and manage others.”

Soul: A Christian’s life flows with a natural and constant obedience.

So, though we are saved, it does not mean that God is done with us. In fact, the work has just begun. When we pray to accept Christ as Lord, the work is not done. A damaged ship can be saved from sinking, but when it is safe, the work is not done. The ship must be repaired so that it can do what it is designed to do. So it is with us. When we become Christians we are saved. But God’s work has just begun.


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