Greater Godliness: Married Life or the Single Life (The Meaning of Marriage Chapter 7)

If Christianity places such a high value on marriage, singleness should be discouraged right? Interestingly enough, singleness in the church has great value in the New Testament. In fact, Timothy Keller points out, Paul told the Corinthians that singleness is “in many circumstances, actually better than marriage.” The early Christians even supported some widows so that they did not have to remarry.
But how does the United States church tend to view singleness? With some suspicion. In fact, I was once told by a man in a church I pastored that I shouldn’t be a pastor until I was married and had children (I was only married at the time).
Even worse I have seen some grow suspicious and leery of someone who does not get married. They actually wonder what is wrong with such a person.
And then there are those who want to judge the spiritual life of another person because they have not gotten married.
Some say Christians are single because God has work to do in them before they can get married. (They are kind of blaming the single person for not being who they are supposed to be.)
Some say Christians are single because they are so spiritually mature they do not need to get married. (They are claiming single people are better Christians.)
Marriage and singleness are both by God’s design. It is not because someone does not have the maturity to get married. It is not because someone has too much spirituality to get married.
Whatever the journey might bring, the single life or the married life, God is doing His work. We don’t need to judge the single or the married. God’s design is on them all. And He uses us within that design to accomplish His work.
Both marriage and singleness bring with them unique challenges. But God uses all to further the work He is doing in us and through us as individuals.


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