The Hope of Heaven and The Struggle on Earth (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 7)

Have you gotten really frustrated with who you are? I don’t mean a little frustration. But really frustrated. So frustrated you wondered if you would ever get it right. Where you wondered how you could call yourself a Christian and still fall into the same patterns of sin. In chapter 7 of The Glory of Heaven, John MacArthur says, “Let’s be honest. Even for the most committed Christian, it doesn’t always seem like ‘the new has come’…Usually we are more keenly aware of the sin that oozes from within us than we are of the rivers of living water Christ spoke of.”
Even the Apostle Paul said, “Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?”
And so you fight. You fight to be the Christian you are supposed to be. You are a new creation because you have been justified. Your sin has been erased and you have been declared right before God. Now you live in the battle to be sanctified on the inside and outside. You are fighting to kill off and sin and live as a fully committed Christ follower. And it is a fight that can easily dishearten and discourage you.
The promise of Heaven is that one day you will be set right. Every sinful impulse will be purified. Every uncontrolled emotion set right. Every temptation destroyed. MacArthur says, “In Heaven we will be perfectly Christlike.”
The promise of the battle we fight today is a great and total victory later. We will be glorified. Instantly. What will this look like? MacArthur says, “We will never again have a selfish desire or utter useless words. We will never perform another unkind deed or think a sinful thought. We will be perfectly liberated from our capacity to sin and finally able to think and act in a way that is perfectly righteous, holy, and honorable in God’s sight.”
We will finally experience perfect pleasure (Psalm 16:11). We will know with perfect understanding (I Corinthians 13:12). We will finally live in perfect comfort. We will finally experience the perfect joy of the life as it was meant to be.
Right now we have been justified, freed from the guilt of sin. Right now we are being sanctified, fighting against the corruption of sin that still remains like a deposed dictator. One day, we will be glorified, purified from the presence of sin forever.
This is the hope of Heaven.


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