If There is No God, Where Did Right and Wrong Come From? (The Reason For God Chapter 9)

I meet many people who do not believe in God. When I ask them to explain their atheism one of the most commons responses is this: God can’t be good and loving if He allows terrible things to happen. I’ve heard people ask, ‘If God exists why did the Holocaust happen? Because if there is a God and He allowed the Holocaust, I don’t want anything to do with Him.’ Or they ask about the Sandy Hook school shooting and 9-11.
‘But,’ I ask, ‘if there is no God, why is the Holocaust wrong?’
When I ask this, people look at me like I just asked the stupidest question in the world. When I assure them I am serious, they say, ‘Because killing innocent people is wrong.’
‘Because it is.’
‘Who says?’
Who says is truly the most difficult question for humanity if they want to eliminate God. People have tried to answer it. They have spent a great deal of time and effort attempting to answer it.
They say there is a natural law that we discover.
But if this is the case, where did this natural law come from? Certainly not from Darwinian Evolution. The law of Darwinism is survival of the fittest. Timothy Keller uses the example of women’s rights. Why should we argue for women’s rights if there is no God? After all, we don’t expect animals to treat women equally, do we? Why should we expect the human animal to treat women equally?
They say human beings as a society write laws for a society.
But what about times the majority agrees to do things that are truly immoral. Nazi Germany agreed with the deportation and extermination of Jews. The laws made it so. It can’t be right or wrong simply because a society deems it right or wrong.
They say it is passed down from our parents.
But where did they get it from?

The very fact that morality exists is something that has to be addressed by all of humanity. If there is no God it makes no sense to have the morals we have. They actually contradict an evolutionary world. It makes no sense that we believe in real right and real wrong. It makes no sense that we feel guilty if we don’t live up to the standard we know exists. Keller says, “If there is no God, then there is no way to say any one action is ‘moral’ and another ‘immoral’ but only ‘I like this.’”
All of this leads the Apostle Paul to make this bold assertion in Romans 1: People do know God but they want to live as they please so they disregard Him. They want to live by their own desires and so they claim He does not exist.


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