The Resurrection Changes Everything (The Reason For God Chapter 13)

If the resurrection took place it changes everything.
Think about that.
If the resurrection took place it changes everything.
The resurrection changes how you respond to what He said. Because if He rose from the dead then everything He said is true and you must follow it. If He didn’t rise from the dead you can pick and choose as you please. You could even ignore it altogether.
The resurrection changes eternity. It means you get to live an embodied existence forever. You are not going to be free from your body in the end. In fact, you are going to be like Jesus, living in a resurrected body. Our mortal bodies put on immortality. Forever.
The resurrection changes the whole way people think about now. In The Reason For God, Timothy Keller said, when Jesus was resurrected “the entire Christian community suddenly adopted a new set of beliefs that were brand-new and until that point had been unthinkable. The first Christians had a resurrection-centered view of reality. They believed that the future resurrection had already begun in Jesus.”

In the book The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Aslan the lion comes back to life. When he does, it transforms the world of Narnia. Narnia used to be a place where it was always winter and never Christmas. But when Aslan is resurrected, the snow begins to melt. Winter dies as spring begins to dominate the land.
The resurrection changes your sinful heart, it changes your mind, it transforms relationships, and it gives you a leader. Every pain is temporary. Every death is not final. Disease will not win. Sin will not win. Ultimately, it changed eternity and what you will be like in the end.
The worst thing about being a Christian for a long time is getting too used to hearing about Jesus without thinking through just how much He changes everything. Too many Christians I know only grasp the resurrection as a historical fact and not the life-giving reality that it is.


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