About The Battle Inside

“Do you have time to talk?” The chat screen popped up and asked me as I was about to turn off the computer.

10:30 PM. Honestly, what I wanted was to go to bed.

“Sure,” I replied.

“I’m not even sure I believe anymore,” Henry said. He was a former student of mine from my days teaching at a Christian middle school. Now he was struggling in college.


“I’m so frustrated. I just want to quit.” He explained more about his situation and then asked the heartbreaking question: “Does Christianity really make a difference?”  

Instead of being a rare case, Henry represents a growing number of Christians who wonder if the faith really makes a difference. The Battle Inside: Spiritual transformation from the Inside Out is a book for frustrated Christians. It provides a clear strategy for those who wonder if real change is possible.  

Even those who want to change are not sure how to go about achieving their goal.

Many Christians don’t know how to change the way they think, what they want, how they feel, how they choose, or how to make good moral decisions. Many are convinced they can’t change.  The Battle Inside includes 5 sections: The Mind, The Desires, The Emotions, The Will, and The Conscience. Each section provides insights into the fight for spiritual transformation.