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Where was God when… (City of God)

Tweet It is 410 AD. Rome has been sacked by the Goths. What was called the ‘Eternal City’ and ‘The City that took the world’ was overtaken. The sacking of Rome sent a shock through the entire world. It ended an empire and even laid the foundation for a colossal shift in history from the […]


Do you remember? (Augustine’s Confessions Book X)

Tweet Much of Augustine’s Confessions Book X is a meditation on memory. In what becomes his thesis on memory, he says that in memory “I meet myself. I remember what I have done, when and where I did it, and the state of mind at the time.” The line “I meet myself” takes us far […]


The habits we think we can take with us (Confessions Book VIII)

Tweet As Augustine draws closer to converting to Christianity, he cannot bring himself to let go of the habits that have developed in his heart. In fact, he says that every time he considers leaving his old way of life his habits tug on his shirt and say, ‘You are not going to leave us […]


Are you happy? (Confessions Book VI)

Tweet In book 6 of Augustine’s Confessions, Augustine tells of how all of his pursuits were not bringing him any closer to happiness. He tells a story of a particular time he was preparing a speech that was going to include a series of lies about the emperor and how those lies would be applauded. […]


What we want (Confessions III-IV)

Tweet Augustine moves to Carthage and encounters “A hissing cauldron of lust.” He details how he chased after love and sexuality, entertainment through the theater, and intellectual (as well as occupational) success, and love of money all held sway over him in some shape or form. These aims and ambitions led him away from God. […]


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