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The last year of Bonhoeffer’s life (Letters & Papers From Prison)

Tweet After a year in jail, Bonhoeffer begins to struggle. Though his imprisonment is difficult, he does not primarily struggle with his situation. His primary concern is how God fits in the contemporary world, a world that, as he says, “has come of age.” A world that has no need for religion and the church. […]


BROADCAST YOURSELF? (Letters and Papers From Prison)

Tweet One of the things Bonhoeffer observes as he relates to the other prisoners is the way people conduct themselves in conversation. He is particularly disappointed with the way people converse in the prison. He says, “There are very few people here who can carry on a conversation that goes beyond their own personal concerns.” […]


Thoughts on Time (Letters & Papers From Prison)

Tweet Bonhoeffer’s Letter and Papers From Prison is a collection of letters and other writings from Bonhoeffer’s final years (from the time of his arrest in the Spring of 1943 to his death in the spring of 1945). Bonhoeffer was jailed for his part in a conspiracy to kill Nazi leader Adolph Hitler. When enough […]


What does it mean to tell the truth? (Ethics Part II Section V)

Tweet Unfortunately, the last 100 pages or Ethics are undeveloped. Bonhoeffer died before completing the book and this is all too evident toward the end. At times, it is difficult to see where he is going with some ideas. Some sections are reduced to elaborated outlines. And then toward the end of the book, there […]


Ethical Dilemmas

Tweet What about the gray areas? What about true ethical dilemmas? How do we decide right and wrong when we are caught in the middle of something that does not seem to have a “right” answer? What happens when conscience cannot help us because it condemns all of our choices? The problem for Bonhoeffer is […]


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