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Bonhoeffer On Conscience

Tweet Conscience is the awareness of oneself. It is our gaze turned inward for examination. Conscience forms the moral component of the inner life that deals with decisions of good and evil and the aftermath of those decisions. The conscience borrows from all other parts of the heart: the mind to assess, the emotions for […]


Does faith have anything to do with real life? (Ethics 5)

Tweet My first year of college I lived in a dorm. While sitting with some people from the hall of my dorm, one of the guys said something inappropriate. So, I let him know I didn’t appreciate his comment. “I wish you Christians would stop pushing your morality on everyone,” he responded. “And I wish […]


On Torture (Ethics 4)

Tweet Ali Soufan was an FBI agent and a terrorism interrogator during the investigations of the Cole bombing and the 9-11 attack. He was the agent who used interrogation to find out the link between the hijackers and Al Qaeda. He discovered Kalid Sheikh Mohammad was the central figure in the planning of the plot. […]


Who should live and who should die (Ethics 4)

Tweet Peter Singer, an ethics professor at Princeton, is a well known advocate of animal rights. But his most controversial position is that killing some people is acceptable. He says killing a newborn child is acceptable because that newborn lacks rational thinking and a will to live. He says killing the mentally impaired is acceptable […]


Breaking the barriers in our hearts (Ethics 4)

Tweet I meet a lot of people who have built up barriers to trusting God. I know people right now who are struggling with belief because things are not going as they hoped. I know others who are questioning some aspect of God and His system. Bonhoeffer has already stated that the answer to living […]


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