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Nothing (C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters 9-12)

Tweet We are concerned about what we do. Most of the time, we hear preachers talking about things that we do or might do. We have conversations about what we have done, do, or will do. Rarely do we talk of what we are not doing. In Letter 9, the demon Screwtape instructs his nephew […]


The Fantasy of Loving Everyone (C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters 4-8)

Tweet I once knew an older lady who said she loved everyone. Week in and week out she would tell me she loved everybody. One day she came to church frustrated with her daughter. She told her she hated her. She gave me a list of reasons why she hated her. Finally, at the end […]


Real Faith in the Real World (C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters 1-4)

Tweet One of the great problems with the spiritual life is how to live it out in the real world. My college Greek professor once told the story of a time he lived in Italy. He said the phone was ringing, he was doing dishes, the baby was crying, and someone rang the doorbell. ‘God […]


Introduction to The Screwtape Letters

Tweet I first read The Screwtape Letters on a trip from Salt Lake City to Moscow, Idaho, where I went to college for a year and a half. I read the whole thing straight through (no I was not driving) and ever since it has ranked as one of my favorite C.S. Lewis books. If […]


It Comes With A Cost (Mere Christianity Book IV: Chapters 8-10)

Tweet When I got out of high school, I worked for an auto parts warehouse. One of the people I worked with was a guy named Jim. Jim was a neo-nazi skinhead who told me many stories about life in a skinhead gang. Jim was raised Catholic. He knew the basic doctrines and did not […]


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