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All About Angels (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 8)

Tweet The world is fascinated with one final aspect of Heaven that I have not covered in this year. Yet, with all of the fascination, there still seems a lack of knowledge as to who they are and what they do. This final post on Heaven concerns angels. As John MacArthur finishes his book The […]


The Hope of Heaven and The Struggle on Earth (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 7)

Tweet Have you gotten really frustrated with who you are? I don’t mean a little frustration. But really frustrated. So frustrated you wondered if you would ever get it right. Where you wondered how you could call yourself a Christian and still fall into the same patterns of sin. In chapter 7 of The Glory […]


Is there a Difference Between the Inheritance and the Rewards of Heaven? (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 6)

Tweet Does everyone get the same in Heaven? Do people get different rewards based on their life here? Are you confused about rewards and status in Heaven? You’re not alone. In all my conversations about Heaven, I have found people’s greatest confusion is how status, rewards, and our inheritance will be handed out in the […]


How a Limited Imagination Hurts Our View of Heaven (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 5)

Tweet I had a friend who was not a Christian. Each time we would talk about eternity he would say, “It’s okay if I don’t make it into Heaven. I figure me and some friends can beat up the devil and take over once we get to Hell. Then we will have the best party […]


Where are You at Home? (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 4)

Tweet I remember teaching some middle school student about Heaven. I began the class by asking them about their thoughts of Heaven. Needless to say, they were not impressed. They knew they did not want to go to Hell but they weren’t excited about Heaven. In chapter 4 of The Glory of Heaven, John MacArthur […]


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