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Why Heaven isn’t for Everyone (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 3)

Tweet When people ask me about Heaven most of the questions revolve around questions like: What will we be like? Where will we be? Will we recognize each other? Why won’t we be married? What will we be doing? Most of the questions revolve around ‘I.’ And when those questions don’t revolve around ‘I’ they […]


To Heaven and Back? Do people really go to Heaven and come back? (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 2)

Tweet About a year ago, my mom was in a Sunday school class at her church in Georgia. As they discussed the Bible, a woman claimed to have died, gone to Heaven, and come back. The entire class tensed up. Obviously, this had been a point of contention in the past and my mom was […]


Why do we want Heaven? (The Glory of Heaven Chapter 1)

Tweet Despite the fact some try to tell us that Heaven is nothing but silly mythology, there is something within us that longs for a place we call Heaven. In chapter one of The Glory of Heaven, John MacArthur notes that religions of the world describe some kind of paradise: Nirvana, Elysium, Valhalla, Utopia, Shangri-La, […]


The Evolution of Heaven in the Last 50 Years (MacArthur’s The Glory of Heaven Introduction)

Tweet Why do so many people misunderstand Heaven? Why is the world so full of ideas that have nothing to do with what the Bible says about Heaven? In the introduction to his book The Glory of Heaven, John MacArthur says three things have happened that have shaped the idea of Heaven in the contemporary […]


Where Will God Live in the End? (Heaven Better By Far Chapter 7)

Tweet One of the great desires of all people in all places is for things to be set right. The Bible says that things will be set right by the metamorphosis of Heaven and earth. This earth has been stained with injustice, war, environmental disasters. While we can’t go back and undone the damage we […]


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