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Noirvember 2014: A Look at Noir Films

Tweet I love old movies. In fact, many of my favorite movies are old movies. My love for old movies goes back to 1983. There was an Alfred Hitchcock revival at a movie theater in Costa Mesa. On Friday night, my mom took me to see an old movie called Rear Window. I was skeptical. […]


Review: Songs of Innocence U2

Tweet Songs of Innocence U2 **1/2 out of **** U2 has been my favorite band since the release of The Unforgettable Fire in 1984. I first saw them in concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in the Spring of ‘85. I was 14. My best friend’s older sister agreed to go to the show […]


5 Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink

Tweet 5 Days at Memorial Sheri Fink ***1/2 out of ***** Horror stories continue to pour out of the catastrophe brought on by Hurricane Katrina. Various authors have attempted to tell a variety of stories about the storm and the days after it. Pulitzer Prize Winning journalist Sheri Fink focuses her Katrina story on the […]


Happiness: A History Darrin McMahon

Tweet Happiness: A History Darrin McMahon *** out of **** What is happiness and how do we obtain it? The question sounds simple enough and yet, it is more difficult than we might think. In fact, a young scholar in Darin McMahon’s book Happiness: A History, says happiness is like an onion: “When you peel […]


Boomerang by Michael Lewis

Tweet Boomerang Michael Lewis *** out of **** After reading Boomerang, a sort of sequel to Lewis’ The Big Short, I can’t help but pause and say, ‘How did recklessness and stupidity become the norm?’ Lewis picks up where he left off after his bestseller The Big Short. That book dealt with the financial crisis […]


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