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The Resurrection Changes Everything (The Reason For God Chapter 13)

Tweet If the resurrection took place it changes everything. Think about that. If the resurrection took place it changes everything. The resurrection changes how you respond to what He said. Because if He rose from the dead then everything He said is true and you must follow it. If He didn’t rise from the dead […]


Why Did Jesus Have To Die? (The Reason For God Chapter 12)

Tweet Why did Jesus have to die? Couldn’t God simply forgive everyone and be done with it? These are questions I have asked over the years. They are questions I hear people ask many times throughout my ministry. In The Reasons For God, Timothy Keller gives 2 reasons why Jesus had to die. 1. Real […]


Sometimes People Don’t Want A Cure (The Reason For God Chapter 11)

Tweet You can agree that there is a sin problem in the world and still not accept the Christian solution to the problem. In fact, most people would agree that there is a fundamental problem in society and in themselves. Most people don’t even live up to their own standard and it bothers them. They […]


What is Sin? (The Reason For God Chapter 10)

Tweet There is something fundamentally wrong with the world. We all know it. Things are not the way they are supposed to be. We have a standard and the world doesn’t live up to it. We don’t even live up to it. But for the Christian the problem goes beyond our self-made standard. Christianity says […]


If There is No God, Where Did Right and Wrong Come From? (The Reason For God Chapter 9)

Tweet I meet many people who do not believe in God. When I ask them to explain their atheism one of the most commons responses is this: God can’t be good and loving if He allows terrible things to happen. I’ve heard people ask, ‘If God exists why did the Holocaust happen? Because if there […]


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