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Clues to the Existence of God (The Reason For God Chapter 8)

Tweet No one piece of a puzzle is the puzzle. But you place each piece together and a picture begins to emerge. That is the way it is as you consider the existence of God. In chapter 8 of The Reason For God, Timothy Keller provides 5 clues for the existence of God. These are […]


Can You Trust The Bible? (The Reason For God Chapter 7)

Tweet The Bible is central to Christian belief. But many people who consider belief in the Christian faith are skeptical about the Bible. Timothy Keller says, “Most would say that they know there are many great stories and sayings in the Bible, but today ‘you can’t take it literally.’” What do people mean when they […]


The Place of Evolution/Creation in Evangelism (The Reason For God Chapter 6)

Tweet In Chapter 6 of The Reason For God, Timothy Keller says, “It is common to believe today that there is a war going on between science and religion.” And there are people on both sides who believe that on one side there is rational, scientific understanding and on the other side there is mystical, […]


How Can A Loving God Send People to Hell? (The Reason For God Chapter 5)

Tweet How can a loving God send people to Hell? I’ve met plenty of people who ask this question and they do so with more than a little animosity. In chapter 5 of The Reason For God, Timothy Keller says, “In our culture, divine judgment is one of Christianity’s most offensive doctrines.” Does the idea […]


The Problem of Fanatics (The Reason For God Chapter 4)

Tweet A few years ago, a former student of mine said he disagreed with many positions his church and family supported. As we discussed this he told me these differences were driving him away from the faith. I know two sisters who, at times, have been interested in the faith only to be turned off […]


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