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Contemporary Problem in Discipleship (Part 2)

Tweet Life is overstuffed. People in my church often say, “I would like to memorize Scripture, but I’m just not good at memorizing. I just can’t remember. There is too much going on for it to stick.” People in my church often say, “I don’t have any time. I would get more involved, but I […]


Contemporary Problems in Discipleship (Part 1)

Tweet Discipleship is simply this: Christians helping others grow into Christlikeness. It involves our commitment to grow in our head, heart, and hands. How we think changes, what and how we love changes, and what we do changes. We grow and we help others grow with us. Every Christian is called to be a disciple […]


Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness

Tweet Recently, I ordered a Ribeye Steak at a restaurant I will not name (it rhymes with Shout track). Normally, I do not have a problem getting what I order. I order a Ribeye at this steak house and I get a Ribeye. Not this time. This time I got a Sirloin. I’m no butcher, […]


Andy Stanley, Church Size, and Raising The Next Generation

Tweet Recently, a message by Mega-church pastor Andy Stanley has made the rounds on the internet. He was speaking of the value of Christian friendship. But he digressed into the need for churches to have separated junior high and high school youth groups. This, he said, will help friendships develop. Then, he spoke his most […]


Are Christians Pitching the Message too Low?

Tweet When I planted a church in Utah, a denominational leader came to visit. He told me that people do not need in-depth preaching. He said young Christians just need to be given simple messages that require little preparation. He said, “They don’t need any depth. They just need a simple message.” Recently, I was […]


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