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4 Challenges to Commitment (Fighting for Your Marriage Chapter 16)

TweetIf you see commitment as something you promised on your wedding day instead of an active, living part of your marriage, you will not succeed in married life. What is an active, living commitment? Commitment is the personal devotion to develop and improve the relationship. Commitment produces security. And when we are secure we can […]


The One Thing Your Marriage Needs Most Right Now (Fighting for Your Marriage Chapter 15)

TweetMarriage is the closest relationship you will ever have with another person. With that closeness comes the risk of pain: betrayal, neglect, dealing with the other’s immaturity and character flaws, dealing with the other’s insensitive or offensive comments and actions, and negativity. So, what makes one couple able to fight through all of these problems […]


4 Ways to Deal with Expectations in Marriage (Fighting for Your Marriage chapter 14)

TweetWhen you got married you were full of expectations. You were aware of some of these expectations. You might have even talked about them with your spouse. But then there were expectations you didn’t even know you had. And then there were the changing expectations. Some expectations ended up unfulfilled and you grew disappointed and […]


Does Christian Faith Help or Hurt Marriage? (Fighting For Your Marriage Chapter 13)

TweetDoes Christian faith help or hurt a marriage? I’ve heard many claims Christian faith helps marriage. I’ve heard many claims it makes marriage worse. And I’ve heard many claims that it makes no difference. Many myths have risen around all three positions. So, what is the truth? “Whether or not you are religious or spiritually […]


Renewing a Romantic, Sensual, Sexual Marriage (Fighting For Your Marriage Chapter 12)

TweetCouples in their 30s have sex an average of two times a week. Couples in their forties have sex an average of once a week. So says The Denver Researchers in chapter 12 of Fighting for Your Marriage. So, the most unique expression of closeness and bonding is carried out once or twice a week […]


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