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Can Marriage Be Fun? (Fighting For Your Marriage Chapter 11)

Tweet If there is one common problem in the relationship of most couples I meet, it is this: They are too busy to spend time together as a couple. They have lost the ability to have fun together because they do not spend any time together. They get busy with work, the kids, and media. […]


Supporting Your Spouse Through the Tough Times (Fighting For Your Marriage Chapter 10)

Tweet She has a problem. He has a solution. She doesn’t like his solution. He tries to explain why his solution is best. She feels like he isn’t listening. He believes she doesn’t want a solution. She does not feel supported. He wonders why she doesn’t like his solution. Have you ever been there? You […]


3 Reason Why Friendship Fades in Marriage (Fighting For Your Marriage Chapter 9)

Tweet Most people, regardless of age, gender, or race, say friendship is their greatest desire for marriage. And, early in marriage, most couples say their best friend is their spouse. What do we mean when we say we want a friend? Most answered that question by saying a friend is “someone who supports you, is […]


Target Practice in Marriage (Fighting For Your Marriage Chapter 8)

Tweet Have you ever been misunderstood? You said something to your spouse, they did not understand what you said or why you said it, and it resulted in a fight. As I was reading chapter 8 of Fighting For Your Marriage, I ran across this quote, “Most of us react more to our interpretation of […]


3 Practical Ways to Work Out Conflict in Your Marriage (Fighting For Your Marriage Chapter 7)

Tweet In chapter 7 of Fighting For Your Marriage, the Denver Researchers say, “One of the pathways to unhappiness or divorce lies not so much in having problems but in believing that there is something seriously wrong with your relationship because you’ve not resolved all your problems.” I hate to say it but you will […]


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