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What is the church doing? (Renovation of the Heart Chapter 13)

Tweet What does all this talk of transformation mean when it comes to the church? How are we to take this concept of transformation and apply it to the church? Because, in the end, we are not meant to seek transformation apart from the community of the church. Willard centers on three parts of Matthew […]


Is there more to Christianity than praying a prayer? (Renovation of the Heart chapter 12)

Tweet What should we expect from someone who is walking in obedience to Christ? How will we know when we are seeing real progress and not just fooling ourselves into believing some change has occurred? In chapter 12 of Renovation of the Heart Dallas Willard addresses how a transformed person will change as they grow […]


The biggest obstacles to change (Renovation of the Heart Chapter 11)

Tweet What is our biggest problem? What are the obstacles that prevent us from living the Christian life? These are questions that have bothered me for most of my life. Because I read about what the Christian life is supposed to be and then I see the way it is lived out and the two […]


How Distinct is Christian Love? (Renovation of the Heart Chapter 10)

Tweet Christianity would be easy if no one ever rejected us. It would be simple if we were not verbally and socially attacked by others. Christianity would not be difficult if people did not become hostile, slanderous, or rude. But there is no such world. Our transformation is a constant give and take between what […]


Keeping you options open (Renovation of the Heart Chapter 8)

Tweet I once heard someone say they didn’t want to marry their current romantic interest because they were afraid that someone better was going to come along. They would realize they had made a mistake, but it would be too late. We hate to make one choice and stick to it. We want to keep […]


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