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Why do you feel the way you do? (Renovation of the Heart Chapter 7)

Tweet I’ve heard it said that emotions are hallways to pass through and not rooms to live in. Yet, far too often, we live in certain emotions and do everything that we can to avoid other emotions. We want some emotions to remain, so we cultivate them. We live chaotic emotional lives because we have […]


4 Traps on The Road to a Transformed Mind (Renovation of The Heart Chapter 6)

Tweet Toward the end of chapter 6, Dallas Willard identifies 4 special dangers in our thought life. As we seek a transformed mind, we have to be careful we do not fall into these four traps: 1. Pride. We cannot become too overconfident in our own thinking. We can easily end up thinking we have […]


Thinking about thinking (Renovation of the Heart chapter 6)

Tweet How can we change? The NAACP used to have a commercial that ended with a simple slogan: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” In Christianity, a mind is a terrible thing to disregard as unimportant. In fact, ignoring the mind results in deformities that are often hidden. Often, we do not even […]


Why aren’t Christians more “Christian” (Renovation of the Heart Chapter 5)

Tweet Chapter 5 Why do so many professing Christians fail to live lives that reflect the fact they claim to be followers of Christ? This is one of the big questions for me personally. It troubles me that so many people who claim to follow Christ, don’t. At least when it comes to their real […]


Life & Death (Renovation of the Heart Chapter 4)

Tweet How does change take place? Some people think it we can do it through superficial action. Others believe we can do it through Will power and good intentions. The Bible says a death must occur. And this death is the one death we fear more than any other death in the whole world. Yet, […]


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